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Importance of Proofreading Marks
over 3 years ago


Proofreading is something a lot of people are now doing at a professional level. However, just because you speak a language fluently does not qualify you to be a proofreader or editor. This is a very demanding job and because a lot of the work goes on to be published on a formal level, you cannot afford to make mistakes. Not every document that lands on your desk when you are proofreader will require just a few changes to make it perfect. Some are in a really bad shape and you need to make notes on what has to be changed in order to cover a lot of ground faster.


There are proofreading marks you can learn to make your work easier. Since they are universal, you can even share the document with other people to get their opinions and they will understand your notes perfectly. In addition, working with your client will not be that hard if he or she understands the marks. At times, you may have a document that is more than 1000 words for you to proofreading and if you are writing every word in the notes on the changes the writer has to make then it will take months and many late nights for the work to be accomplished. You can go here for the best proofreaders or visit this website for more proofreading tips.


In most cases, the marks and symbols that are used in proofreading and copyediting are similar. Using the correct marks offers consistency and it will make communication between you and the author very easy. Also, remember the publisher will also be checking on the notes and if everything is synchronized the working relationship will be smooth. You do not want to spend days making notes on the edits needed and then have to keep going back and forth with the client and publisher on what really had to be done. For the most common proofreading marks, you can check it out! If you want to learn more about the common marks you can go here.


It is quite difficult to edit and proofread without using the marks. You may also use them when you are editing your own documents. Click here to get started on the marks you should learn now. You may also view websites or this link to learn more or just check it out! Whether you learn just a few or hundreds of proofreading marks at once, you will make your life much better and you can go here to get started. Continue reading more on this here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/ruth-starkman/how-to-best-use-writing-a_b_8167658.html.

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