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The Importance of Proofreading
over 4 years ago


Proofreading involves scanning a document and making corrections to any errors. This can be done on a soft copy, or a hard copy using proofreading marks. You can do the proofreading on your written work. But it is not advisable since you may not readily see some of the mistakes you made, due to your biased point of view. It is also easier to overlook mistakes when you are tired and short on time. It shall thus be hard for you to present work that has not a single error in it.


The best way is to get a qualified proofreader to take a look at your work. You need them to print out the pages, then read it out loud. They should keep marking the mistakes as they go, to make it easier to spot any errors when they do another reading. Reading out loud helps amplify any sentences that may have errors in them, and makes it easier to spot those errors. You also need to work with a proofreader who takes their time to read through your material slowly. This helps them not to overlook any areas of the work. You can view website for the best proofreading tips or go here for more proofreading guides.


When it comes to proofreading a soft copy, one needs to go beyond the automatic spell check rectifiers. There are certain mistakes in the English language these machines may overlook. While they may make sense in their arrangement, the meaning shall be obscured to a reader's mind. This is why they also need to take time to read through it, and to do so twice. This is how they pick up any errors that were overlooked by the computers. After such a thorough review, they can confidently give back the copy as the final and clean one.


It is important always to present your written work without any mistakes in it. There is a lot the intended reader shall tell about you through the quality of your work. It may be a website, essay, brochure, or any other document. Any errors are indicative of a lack of attention to the detail. If you were selling something, the quality of what you are selling is immediately brought to question. They shall, therefore, lose confidence in your ability to deliver as you promised you are capable of. Proofreading is, therefore, your best bet at projecting the professional level image you were aiming for. It shall add to your reputation, and help them remember you as a source of quality work. It becomes easier then to entrust you with what you were asking of them. Continue reading more on this here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/ruth-starkman/how-to-best-use-writing-a_b_8167658.html.

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